Research & Development safeguarding the knowledge base into the future

Even in engineeering companies, research and development assumes an inherent existential relevance. Comprehensive, scientifically supported development programmes ensure standards of competitiveness and quality for our business, therefore meeting the requirements of our customers into the future. The active focus of our expertise is divided between our locations in ANPING and RAOYANG

R&D Centre in ANPING

Here, procedural innovations are developed and trialled, often working in close cooperation with customers. In our Materials Technology division, new alloys are tested and novel ways of fabricating mesh are developed. In our Prototypes division, high value individual items are produced, undergoing complex series of tests before being put through their paces once again by our customers.

R&D Centre in RAOYANG

Here, work focuses primarily on the further development of manufacturing processes. This focuses on the development of new looms, either as in-house projects or working in cooperation with specialist engineering companies. By optimising performance in preparation, in weaving processes and in downstream production processes, we secure our position as market leaders in terms of both quality and economy.